Tips for Travelling in…

Guide to Packing

We know from experience that the last thing you need when travelling is a suitcase full of clothes that you won’t use.

We have some tips to help you get it right.

Travel Safety Tips

women-and-safety-when-travellingStaying safe is important when travelling.

Read our tips and helpful advice to ensure you have a relaxed fun holiday whilst avoiding any major hiccups.

Travel Solo

When you travel solo you are at greater risk than if you travel with a partner or a friend.

But with a few safety tips your trip will be an experience that  will give you wonderful memories that will last ever.

Travel with Friends

Travelling with friends can be a fun experience or a recipe for disaster.

Read our tips on choosing the right friends to travel with as well as some things you  should think about before you decide to travel together.

Travel with Family

Travelling with family has its own challenges, whether you are travelling with the kids, with your partner or perhaps you have mom and dad along as well.

We have some helpful advice that can help you get the best our of each situation. It only takes a little bit of forethought to ensure that everyone has a good time – that includes you.

Travel with Pets

Travelling can be a very stressful experience for your pet and if you are going overseas it may mean weeks or months spent in quarantine, so think carefully before you start the process of taking them with you.

Leaving your pet at home may be the best option. So try to find a close friend or family member that is happy to look after them while you’re gone.

Hotel Reviews

When we travel we like to stay in comfortable hotels in the centre of everything. This way we don’t have to travel to and from many of the attractions.

Our hotel reviews give you a detailed idea of what the hotel is like with photos to highlight  the decor.

Restaurant Reviews

We travel a lot and so we visit a lot of restaurants, some great, some not so great.

Our restaurant reviews  are designed to give you an idea of the ambience of the restaurant and we take photos of the food so that we can share our culinary experiences with you.


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