Cannes, France‘A touch of heaven in such a short period of time.’

How can you describe a place that you equate to how you feel heaven feels like in words.

You can’t, it really is the sort of place you need to see, feel and smell!

Recently my dad and I took a short trip to Cannes, France. We had intended on attending the film festival but unfortunately we missed it, but even so we still had the time of our lives.

I travelled from Dunedin and met up with my dad in Sydney  where we embarked our 30 hour flight to Nice. Our stopovers in Singapore and Paris for a very short amount of time really got the adrenalin pumping. In 5 days we visited Cannes  in France, Ventimiglia in Italy and Monte Carlo in Monaco.

Our nights were spent in Cannes Palace hotel, France. We mostly used the train service to get between countries as even Italy was only 45 minutes away.

In Cannes we travelled on “la petit train de Cannes”  which cost 10€ each for an hour and it took us around old and new Cannes. During the hour we wore head phones and learnt all about Cannes, it had 8 languages too! So if your French isn’t up to scratch it doesn’t matter. I also found being a tourist town that a lot of people spoke a little to a lot of English. I also found the people in Cannes were very nice, I had people help with my bags at the supermarket and I made friends so easily.

Another great thing about Cannes is the famous Croisette a long promenade that goes for about 3kms along the beach with little kiosks every few meters which serves amazing sandwiches and a variety drinks on one side and bars along the sand on the other side, The sun goes down late so you’ll always see people walking down the Croisette no matter what the time, and they will definitely always ask you if you’d like them to take a picture, I had it every time they seen me taking pictures for my photography page. Over all Cannes is fabulous no matter when you go, the weather was lovely and we only had one bad night where it stormed, I got stuck 2kms out from the hotel and didn’t get back very dry!

Whilst in Monaco we walked the streets past where they just had the Grandprix and travelled on another “La petit train de Monaco, this one only goes for 35 minutes and costs 7€ each.” Our time in Monaco was short only a day but even if you can only spend a day there, it definitely is plenty!

A great thing that you get to see while taking the little train is the Castle of Monaco, The Prince and Princess still live there, which is super exciting! Unfortunately we didn’t get to see them when we stopped there.
Transport in Monaco: The buses are really easy to work out and you can get a travel 12 card for 10€ which gives you 12 trips that you can use at any time, definitely worth it if you’re with someone because if you buy all your tickets singularly its 1.50€ each and it soon becomes very costly.

For all the shopping lovers who really love great products for exceptional prices! Ventimiglia Italy is the best place to go! Everything was super beautiful and cheap! So in general it’s beautiful, cheap and the service and food are amazing! It was definitely my favourite place by far, we went to a restaurant and they put out olives and bread with a fancy table cloth and matching napkins they were super friendly and everything was super quick, I have never had such great service in my life!

So all the people out there who are thinking of travelling to Cannes/Monte Carlo/Ventimiglia any time soon, save your euros for Ventimiglia it was so cheap and so close to France about a 45 minute train ride from Cannes and 15 minutes from Monaco, Ventimiglia had the most adorable wee shops.


Many thanks to Naidene from Brown Owl Photography for sharing her trip to Cannes with TravelTripz.



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